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Admissions and Fellowships

Admissions will be conducted in the spring semester. Fellowships providing up to a maximum of full tuition coverage will be made available for up to 10 students a year. Students receiving the four highest rankings in a faculty review of applications will be considered to receive tuition scholarships, as will students awarded the top prize in their program (AAD, AUD, MArch, UP, HP, MSRED). Other students who have been accepted are responsible to fund tuition from external sources.


All applicants must submit a proposal outlining an applied research agenda. This proposal should establish a clear topic and identify related contexts, problems and goals. In order to formulate the research problem and an agenda for experimentation, it is critical that students also identify primary resources (material critical for implementing research) and secondary resources (material by others who have investigated similar problems). Keep in mind this should be research that can be reasonably undertaken in two semesters and completed with resources available at the GSAPP. Proposals must include all of the following:

Describes the topic of research (500 words maximum). This statement should identify the problem (what) and its significance (why). This statement must also outline how the research will be conducted (method) and a speculation on the likely outcome (deliverables) of the research initiative.

Prepare a bibliography identifying work that frames the key problem articulated in the proposal. These can written works, new technologies, specific projects, etc.

Identify resources needed to complete the project: materials, software, data, archives, maps, agencies, site visits, and so forth. These resources should be readily accessible to the student. For research requiring travel, prospective AAR students should consider applying for a William Kinne Travel Fellowship.

Identify those courses at the GSAPP or in other departments that will supplement the research.

Select a primary advisor, a faculty member or lab director who advise the development of the project. Please include a letter or e-mail from the faculty confirming his/her participation. Secondary advisors may also be included.

Include any images, maps, drawings, diagrams that supports and clarifies the intentions of the proposal.

Applications are to be emailed to mail_arch@columbia.edu with the subject line "ARPA application 2014-15" and one .pdf document attached.

Early Application Option

Students who need to apply for a scholarship or scholarship extension from an external source (e.g. Becas Chile or La Caixa) before the April admissions process can undergo an early admissions process. Applicants are to submit their full application with an explanation of their need for early admission in November, and results will be announced the same month. Students who apply for early admissions may also revise and resubmit their applications in April to be considered for fellowships provided by the GSAPP.

Selection Criteria

Originality: The project proposal demonstrates unique and critical ideas, in scholarship and/or experimental methods. The proposal articulates what distinguishes the proposed project from existing work in the field.

Rigor: The proposal describes subjects of study and methods of research with precision, citing specific examples to support the project’s larger claims.

Potential for impact: The project makes a significant contribution to discourse about and practice of applied research practices in architecture. The proposal describes how the project will act as a catalyst for future inquiry.

Feasibility: The proposal clearly defines project deliverables, and demonstrates how proposed outcomes can be feasibly accomplished with available resources and time.


Wed Nov 6, 2013 and Wed Feb 26, 2014
Open House information sessions
200 Buell North Fayerweather at 12pm

Fri Nov 22, 2013
Early Admissions Application deadline

Wed Nov 27, 2013
Early Admissions result announcement

Mon Apr 7, 2014
Application deadline

Mon Apr 21, 2104
Admissions result announcement
update: Results will be send to individual applicants as soon as possible, most likely by the end of the week of April 21st.

May 15, 2104 (approx)
Additional Fellowship Award announcement